Questions and Answers

Who inspects Galashiels Nursing Home?
Galashiels Nursing Home is registered and inspected by the Scottish Care Commission

Can a Resident have a telephone?
Residents can arrange for a private line to be installed.

Do you allow smoking?
No. A no smoking rule applies to all our residents, visitors and staff. If a resident does smoke, arrangements will be made to take them to a smoking area outside.

What entertainment is provided?
We have a activities assistant who works 3 days per week and assesses all residents on their individual requirements. We have a veriaty of entertainers that come in to preform monthly.

What are the visiting hours?
We have open visiting.

Can I attend church?
Residents can attend church services. Services are also held in Galashiels Nursing Home.

What happens to clients if the care home closes?
Clients and their representatives will be notified of any decision of closure, as will the Social Work Department and Scottish Care Commission. The home owners will assist in relocating clients to a care home of their choice. Clients and their representatives will also be notified of any new management arrangements.

What safety procedures have been followed at Galashiels Nursing Home?
Galashiels Nursing Home is Inspected annually by Fire Safety Officers, Environmental Health and Scottish Care Commission. Risk assessments are in place and reviewed when necessary.

Our fees are set by the Local Authority, Galashiels Nursing Home does not add top up charges.

Galashiels Nursing Home has 18 Single rooms, 9 Single en suite rooms, 3 Double rooms, 2 Double en suite. All bedrooms can be fully furnished or you can bring your own furniture & personal memorabilia with you.

Communal areas comprise of Large Conservatory, Sitting Room and a Dining Room.


“.. I feel so at home here and it's nice to be close to my family”