Complaints Procedure

Any complaints received in relation to residents care or members of staff, should be referred in the first instance to the nurse in charge.

The nurse in charge will ask the complainant if they wish to make the complaint official or not.

If the complainant wishes to make the complaint official. The nurse in charge will issue a complaints form, which the complainant will complete and return to the manager.

The manager will then fully investigate the complaint, documenting and recording the investigation, outcome and feedback to the complainant. All information regarding complaint will be passed to the directors. A written record of the complaint will also be documented in the residents or staff files.

If the complainant does not wish to make the complaint official and feels that the nurse in charge has dealt with the problem effectively, all information regarding the complaint and outcome will be documented in the residents file or staff file if the complaint involves staff. The matron will be made aware of these complaints and if necessary the directors.

Borders independent advocacy service is always available to act on behalf of residents.

Complaints relating to care service provision can be referred to:-

Miriam innes
The Care Commission
Stewart House
EH21 7PB
0131 653 4100

Michelle Laidlaw - Manager