Complaints Policy

At Galashiels nursing home we endeavour to provide the highest standard of care. If you feel that yourself, family or friends have been treated unfairly or have not received appropriate care, or wish to express your views on any aspect of the home. Please approach the nurse in charge.

The nurse will explain the options you have regarding the complaint, and what will happen as a result of the complaint.

All complaints received are fully investigated, the outcome and feedback are documented and kept on file. All complaints are kept confidential and are always investigated quickly and sympathetically, maintaining the dignity and privacy of those involved.

The directors are made fully aware of each complaint received.

If you wish someone other than yourself or a family member or friend to express your views, the nurse in charge or matron will give you details on how to contact Borders Independent Advocacy Service. Staff will listen to your views through the independent representation, this service is also confidential. If you already belong to an advocacy group, staff will listen to concerns, suggestions that come from that group on your behalf and take them just as seriously.

Michelle Laidlaw - Manager