Philosophy of Care

The broad aim of Galashiels Nursing Home is to make the most of the human potential in every resident within a caring, homely environment.

To achieve this there is a need to:

  • Provide an environment that will not only maintain the quality of life but also recognise the dignity of the individual.
  • To give the resident as much control over his/her activities and environment as is possible.
  • Avoid de-personalisation and institutionalisation.
  • Encourage meaningful leisure activities.
  • Maintain links with the local community.

The means by which this can be achieved are:

  • Provide an environment that will maintain quality of life and dignity.
  • The way of life of each resident will be planned individually by gaining as much information as possible about his or her previous life style and personal preferences. This can be obtained from the resident themselves or from family and friends.
  • The maintenance of privacy is paramount, this will be achieved by ensuring that privacy curtains are drawn and doors closed during all procedures relating to personal care, bodily functions and wound dressings.
  • The need for residents to have private social interchange with family, friends and others will be recognised and catered for accordingly.
  • The staff will acknowledge and cater for residents spiritual and cultural needs.
  • It will be the aim to ensure that maximum physical and psychological potential of each resident is realised. The Galashiels Nursing Homes nursing process will be used to facilitate this aim.
  • All residents will be addressed by the title they prefer.

Michelle Laidlaw - Manager

“.. I feel so at home here and it's nice to be close to my family”