About Galashiels Nursing Home

Galashiel Nursing Home GardenThe home offers full nursing care and residential care to meet the changing personal needs throughout your stay.

The home employs a fully qualified Manager, who is from an adult nursing background, who is responsible for the standards of care. There are also 7 registered nurses (excluding the matron) and specially selected care staff to provide 24 hour nursing care for individual needs. All staff that are employed in the nursing home have undergone an induction period and the home has an in house training programme in place to keep staff up to date.
The registered nurses (including the matron) also supplement this in house training with regular study days. The home also encourages and assists care staff to complete S.V.Q.'s level 2 and 3 "in care" to maintain high standards.

Galashiels Nursing Home encourages and assists residents to take full advantage of social and recreational activities within the home and surrounding area. These activities recognise each individual's medical and physical fitness level. The home also employs an activity assistant who organises concerts etc and spends time carrying out activities on an individual or group basis.

Residents who wish to maintain links with external professionals (i.e. dentists, hairdressers etc) are assisted in accessing these, although all local G.P's, dentists, district nurses, dietician, chiropodists etc all visit the home. (If seen by NHS staff there is no charge, but if private staff are used you may be charged for using their service). The nursing home also has two hairdressers who visit weekly. A charge for their service depends on what you have done to your hair. Prices available on request.

There are no set visiting times within the nursing home, family and friends are always welcome. Meals can also be provided for visitors if you wish to visit at mealtimes. The menus are changed daily and offer a wide choice.  We also cater for all dietary needs. Snacks, fruit and tea and coffee are available throughout the day and night.

Many of the bedrooms provide excellent views of Galashiels, single or shared rooms are available also en suite.

The home also provides a full laundry service for residents if required. There is no extra cost for this. We also have a daily delivery of newspapers if you wish to order a paper, and once a week the WRVS come round the home selling sweets, toiletries etc.

The home also operates a no smoking policy within the building, if you do wish to smoke there is a sheltered area you may use.

There are many policies, procedures and risk assessments in place within the home dealing with such things as complaints, fire safety, finance etc, and are available to you on request.

From April 2007 a National Quality scheme for Care Homes is being phased in across Scotland. What this means is that the standard charges that the Councils pay Care Homes may vary depending on the Quality of the service provided. If this happens we will advise you - this is unlikely to affect the charge you pay unless you are a self-funder.

The latest Care Commission report for the home may be obtained from your local Care Commission office, Care Commission website or M.Cass Matron, L.Fraser Operations Manager.

Individual resident funding will be reviewed on a regular basis.

In the event of anything significant happening with the home, contact will be made with the Care Commission.




“.. I feel so at home here and it's nice to be close to my family”